Myoora Thai Cuisine

When I go out to eat I’m all about the food.  Don’t get me wrong ambiance and decor are great for first dates and anniversaries, but what about all the other times you pay to dine.  Myoora Thai Cuisine is one of those mom & pop shops that serve you traditional cuisine as if you were a guest in their home.  There’s probably only 8 tables max in the whole restaurant and during lunch 9 out of 10 times our table is the only one occupied, but the food is consistently (keyword) impeccable.  As for value, well you tell me: Lunch $6.95  Hot Tea, choice of soup or salad, spring roll, and entrée of choice (excellent portion) you just can’t beat that price for quality Thai food.   

 Now for the specifics: 

 If you have never had, (well even if you have had) a Thai Ice-Tea before then here is the place to get it.  I find that they are able to perfectly balance the silkiness of the cream with the smokiness of the spiced black tea in such a way that the only explanation to this balance would be that they are prepared by Jedi. Oh, and to only order one, well that’s just a type of discipline I will never know of.  The salad, well the salad is your typical collection of greens, cucumber, tomato, shaved carrot and topped with fresh bean sprouts (I never get it with the sprouts though). Fresh yet common, however the secret lies within the dressing.  Peanut dressing, clearly homemade and clearly well thought out.  Many Thai restaurants (like a well-known chain in Woodbridge) water down the dressing to the point of wondering if there is dressing or soup on top of your salad.  Well not at Myoora, the dressing brings a texture to the salad that makes every other Thai salad before it seem as exciting as a screening of Ishtar in an old age home. 

Entrée time (all entrées come with your choice of meat):

 Yearning for that real Thai spice, go for one of my favorites the Pad Kee Mao (Drunken Noodle).  The combination of flat rice noodles sautéed in a spicy garlic sauce with bamboo shoots and Thai basil is guaranteed to leave a warm and fuzzy feeling in your stomach that you’ll appreciate on a cold winter day.  Not in the mood for something with too much heat, try the Pad See-Ew (Fried Flat Noodle).  Yes you can get it with American broccoli but why would you?  Order it with the “collard greens” (worded on the menu that way not to scare people..really Thai broccoli) as this combination of egg and precise amount of pepper brings a depth to a common dish that allows you to appreciate the simplicity of traditional cooking.   If you’re not feeling very carnivorous then opt for the vegetarian Green Curry.  The variety of vegetables could be a little more robust, but what’s lacking in the veggie department is more than made up for in this coconut milk based curry.  Let’s not forget the spring roll, yea it’s probably bought frozen but show me a Thai restaurant in a 50 mile radius that doesn’t (maybe I’ll review it)…..always a nice addition to a meal.

Myoora is a great little Thai restaurant that is hidden away in the tiny little town of Colonia, N.J. (well to be honest Myoora is the only reason I know of Colonia) so if you are in the Woodbridge, Edison area of N.J.  stop by for a meal, I promise you will not be disappointed.

Food: 4 stars

 Service: 4 stars                        

Value5 Stars

Myoora Thai Cuisine

572 Inman Ave Colonia, NJ 07067

 (732) 680-1700

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