Dynasty Restaurant (Dim Sum)

OK, so the first word that comes to mind when I think Dynasty Restaurant is AUTHENTIC.  If you’re looking for American style Chinese food (General Tso’s & Egg Foo Young) please read no further. 

 I have been frequenting Dynasty for many years now, and as time passes my brunch arrival has been slowly forced to slide closer and closer towards the 11 am unlocking of the doors to avoid long waits.  A few years back I was the only non-Asian patron in the place, now I have been starting to notice this “underground” treasure is getting around like Madonna in the 90’s (yes, before the British accent).  If you are a true Dim Sum enthusiast like myself but hate the commute (not to mention the tolls) to Mott Street in order to experience that true Dim Sum tradition, then Dynasty in Green Brook may be your new favorite munch-out.

As with most Dim Sum restaurants the prices are absurdly inexpensive considering the quality of food you receive.  You could probably feed a family of 4 for under $30 (without having to order from a dollar menu).  All the Dim Sum is clearly made on the premises within minutes of being rolled (yes I said rolled) by on carts by quite an attentive staff,  who are (by the way) more than willing to explain any dish you point at before placing  it on your table. 

The Har Gow (shrimp dumplings) are the most delicate, fresh tasting steamed dumplings you will ever encounter. The dumpling skin (for lack of a better term) is a sheer wrapping for the “seafood gold” that awaits inside.  As for the Cheung Fun (Rice Noodle Rolls) these are one of my favorite types of dim sum.  These long wide rice noodles are steamed with your choice of shrimp, beef, or roast pork and rolled up almost like a chinese crepe. I usually have 2 orders for my table, one with shrimp and one with beef and drench it in the sweet soy sauce that is generously squirted on top.  Another staple of any traditional dim sum restaurant are the Chicken Feet, Dynasty served them in some type of light garlic based sauce.  If you haven’t tried it…. don’t knock it because the feet are the most succulent part of the chicken, especially when properly prepared as they were here.  Yes, there may be many tiny bones that get in the way of very little meat, but like crab it is worth the effort.  The beef spare-ribs and the turnip cake were slightly better than average, nevertheless still worth a try.  As for something sweet you say, this is a no brainer.  It’s all about the Fried Sesame Ball (Jin deui), picture a warm piece of dough…fried….then rolled in sesame seeds…oh yea I forgot to mention the inside is filled with red bean paste that gushes into your mouth like warm endorphins.  I dare you to just eat 1 of these round chewy glutinous delights.

 As I’m walking towards the full parking lot after another memorable meal at Dynasty I feel more than satisfied with the quality of food, service, and value I received and only start to question where I could acquire one of those fancy carts with wheels for my home.

Food: 4 stars

Service: 4 stars                        

Value:   5 Stars


Dynasty Restaurant

100 US highway 22

Green brook, NJ 08812

(732) 752-6363

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